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  • “We feel that God has placed us in the perfect careers, infusing our beliefs that every talent is a gift, and instilling hope in each and every person!

    We not only believe that dreams come true, we have witnessed it,” says both Myers.

  • Testimonial:

    • My daughter attended the ARTS this last June. She is 12. It held so many wonderful things for her. It was worth every dime and every mile driven from Nebraska to Florida. This has been a great blessing, she learned so much about the business and herself thru the process. The people we have met there were amazing. Great decision… give it to God and he will lead you in the direction. Kim said at the call back that she believed that she met people at points in their life when it was right and that there were reasons for it. I have not forgotten that and completely believe that she is correct. Heather Linden