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  • Testimonials

    • I am a Mom of twins who were discovered by Kim. We have gone to the showcase and been signed by several agents. The ARTS is an amazing, safe opportunity for you and your children to explore a future in acting, modeling, dance or vocal. The staff will teach them the basics needed to be successful in this industry. The showcase gives them an opportunity to show off their talents, and it gives them the self-confidence they need to be successful. Kim and her staff are amazing, they will be with you every step of the way. I support them and would recommend this to anyone pursuing a career in The ARTS! Michelle Honse
      West Virginia
    • We will never regret going to this event, and I think that says it all. Just take one step at a time. This will only make your child learn and grow. Bring your A game, this is for real. My daughter has a partial scholarship to the New York Film Academy, where she will continue to grow and hone her skills. This has changed how our lives will go forward from here. Go to the callback, then go forward, one step at at time. It all comes together, and ENJOY EVERY MINUTE!!! Kim is an amazing, blessed person. Could go on and on…. Vicki Barrett
    • I participated in the June ARTS 2012. This was the best experience of my life. I made great connections, gained more confidence than I walked in with and realized that I CAN live my dream! No matter the age, you are never to old to start. I finally found a career that I knew I could always love. Being a triple threat performer is a title I am more than proud to carry thanks to the ARTS family for showing me that my talent is worth showing! Kim Myers is the best motivational speaker, her words brought tears to my eyes. To me it was truly a message from God that now is my time. My life will never be the same. I met the mother of two of my favorite role models, Mrs. Barbara Cameron. Since the ARTS I worked on “Scary Movie 5″, Iron Man 3″ and local commercials. Also still communicate with lots of the talents agents and casting directors who I call friends! Thank you ARTS family for such an AMAZING experience, cant wait for next time. Virginia Folke
      Jacksonville, FL
    • I am a contestant that performed for my first time at ARTS December 2012. It was awesome to meet such diverse and amazing people, and the wall-to-wall talent all combined in one place just blew me away. I am forever grateful that I got a chance to shine, and I’m proud that I got 4 callbacks! This has been an exciting journey and I feel so proud to have been a part of ARTS! Cher Davis
      Jacksonville, FL
    • Im not a parent, but I was a contestent and this was the greatest experience of my life. Not just for my acting and modeling career, but also I have made so many friends from the ARTS. Its a great family experience as well. I was so happy when Kim Myers discovered me in Erie, PA. I was not expecting to get accepted into the showcase with zero experience. This showcase changed my life, and so did a few people who helped me prepare for the showcase, like Lawrence and Julie. They are the reason why I accually did well in the showcase. I was asked to be in the local newspaper which I believe was a great experience. If you are wondering if you should audition for the ARTS… STOP wondering and do it you will not regret your choice. Thank you to all the ARTS members and the contestents for supporting me through the showcase. Special thanks to Kim because she believed I could be great at what I do, and gave me confidence to follow my dreams. Another special thanks to Chad Broskey, he helped me with tips on my acting and modeling through out the showcase. Also recently I contacted him to ask for tips and he responded right away with fantastic tips on how to build my career. Thank you again everyone! Michael Brooks
      Lakewood, NY