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  • Testimonials

    • Hey Kim! I’m so happy to hear back from you. I had such a great experience tonight, it truly was life changing. I gained a lot of confidence just by coming out and auditioning. I was so nervous pulling into the parking lot and walking into the auditioning room full of such beautiful people, but you made me feel comfortable. Thank you for being so down to Earth. I kept telling my Mom that I was so thankful that God allowed you to be a real genuine person, rather than someone who is all wrapped up in materialistic things. You’re such a nice woman and I’m glad we had the chance to meet. I also want to say thank you for all of the sweet things you said to me and to everyone else. You honestly tried to make every single person there feel good about themselves. Everything I heard you say was positive and you complimented everyone. You have a compassionate heart, you can tell. Amber Itofe
      Morgantown, WV
    • My daughter attended the ARTS this last June. She is 12. It held so many wonderful things for her. It was worth every dime and every mile driven from Nebraska to Florida. This has been a great blessing, she learned so much about the business and herself thru the process. The people we have met there were amazing. Great decision… give it to God and he will lead you in the direction. Kim said at the call back that she believed that she met people at points in their life when it was right and that there were reasons for it. I have not forgotten that and completely believe that she is correct. Heather Linden
    • My 10 yr old daughter went to ARTS Dec 2011 and we signed with an amazing manager that we meat there. Kim is the real deal. Just remember that this is the first step to either N’Y or LA. Be prepared to comment to a lifestyle change and a very exciting journey. Jim McLaughlin
    • My 8 year old daughter went to the open audition .. and got the call back .. I did what you are doing I reached out to find out info … This is for real! Kim is incredible! We went to Florida last December and my daughter hasn’t been the same .. She has no fear and still talks about doing it again . I have nothing but positive things to say about it . …side note .. we also shortly after getting to town went and did a similar thing with another open call with a different company and I am sure glad I did the ARTS first or I would be totally turned off by the whole thing … So for rambling … But the ARTS is totally worth it !!! Good luck and dream BIG! Christine Madigan
    • We will never regret going to this event, and I think that says it all. Just take one step at a time. This will only make your child learn and grow. Bring your A game, this is for real. My daughter has a partial scholarship to the New York Film Academy, where she will continue to grow and hone her skills. This has changed how our lives will go forward from here. Go to the callback, then go forward, one step at at time. It all comes together, and ENJOY EVERY MINUTE!!! Kim is an amazing, blessed person. Could go on and on…. Vicki Barrett