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  • Testimonials

    • My 8 year old daughter went to the open audition .. and got the call back .. I did what you are doing I reached out to find out info … This is for real! Kim is incredible! We went to Florida last December and my daughter hasn’t been the same .. She has no fear and still talks about doing it again . I have nothing but positive things to say about it . …side note .. we also shortly after getting to town went and did a similar thing with another open call with a different company and I am sure glad I did the ARTS first or I would be totally turned off by the whole thing … So for rambling … But the ARTS is totally worth it !!! Good luck and dream BIG! Christine Madigan
    • Our son Nicholas will attend the Showcase in December. We have had 2 workshops so far and they have been so much fun and extremely educational on this whole process! We visited the June showcase for a night when we just happened to be in vacation in Orlando. It was amazing! The performers were on an huge stage with all of the lights and cameras! There were so many agents at the tables in front of the stage. This is the REAL DEAL here! It is well worth it! We are enjoying this journey so much! It truly is a family experience. You won’t be sorry you did! Drew Deapo
      New York
    • We’ve been twice and learned so much each time. Not a scam, truly an investment – not just in the entertainment industry, but in life principles too. My daughter got a lot of callbacks the first year; not so many the second, but it’s all leading somewhere…now we know what to do going forward. It’s an incredible experience, totally without regret that we took the chance we were offered. Karen Workman
    • Totally agree with Jordan! And I am a parent! Nothing but a positive experience for my son! Gave him so much self-confidence. Kim and her staff are awesome!!! They build people up! We’ve been twice, and are trying to figure out when we can go back again! Do it!!! Danielle Rawlings
      Kansas City
    • For the all skeptics and worriers, I am here to tell you that the ARTS is the REAL DEAL. It’s an experience you’ll wish could go on forever, and the opportunities that come of it are the kind that turn dreams into realities. The staff is as wonderful as they come, and the people you meet along the journey become your best friends and supporters. I never thought breaking into the industry could be such a positive and uplifting experience. God bless Kim Myers and God bless the ARTS! Alycia Dean
      Morgantown, WV