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  • Testimonials

    • My 10 yr old daughter went to ARTS Dec 2011 and we signed with an amazing manager that we meat there. Kim is the real deal. Just remember that this is the first step to either N’Y or LA. Be prepared to comment to a lifestyle change and a very exciting journey. Jim McLaughlin
    • It’s all about marketing and networking and that’s what makes these “talent conventions” so great. It is an investment (most of which is a tax write off, this is show BUSINESS), but remember – your child is a child – let them be just that. They’ll have so much fun you won’t be able to keep up. You network and market your future superstar while they have fun. If anything you meet some people and your child makes new friends, and learns about interviewing, public speaking, etc.- Good Luck, Just Go and Have Fun! Break a Leg! Michelle Maynard
    • We just attended the June showcase in Orlando and it was the best experience ever! I was very skeptical as well but I can’t recommend it enough. It was a life changing experience for my daughter and I. If you want to message me privately I can tell you all about it in more detail. The classes and performances/competitions were so educational and fun. We had the best time and were so surprised. We highly recommend going if you can! Lauren Meyer
    • For the all skeptics and worriers, I am here to tell you that the ARTS is the REAL DEAL. It’s an experience you’ll wish could go on forever, and the opportunities that come of it are the kind that turn dreams into realities. The staff is as wonderful as they come, and the people you meet along the journey become your best friends and supporters. I never thought breaking into the industry could be such a positive and uplifting experience. God bless Kim Myers and God bless the ARTS! Alycia Dean
      Morgantown, WV
    • Im not a parent, but I was a contestent and this was the greatest experience of my life. Not just for my acting and modeling career, but also I have made so many friends from the ARTS. Its a great family experience as well. I was so happy when Kim Myers discovered me in Erie, PA. I was not expecting to get accepted into the showcase with zero experience. This showcase changed my life, and so did a few people who helped me prepare for the showcase, like Lawrence and Julie. They are the reason why I accually did well in the showcase. I was asked to be in the local newspaper which I believe was a great experience. If you are wondering if you should audition for the ARTS… STOP wondering and do it you will not regret your choice. Thank you to all the ARTS members and the contestents for supporting me through the showcase. Special thanks to Kim because she believed I could be great at what I do, and gave me confidence to follow my dreams. Another special thanks to Chad Broskey, he helped me with tips on my acting and modeling through out the showcase. Also recently I contacted him to ask for tips and he responded right away with fantastic tips on how to build my career. Thank you again everyone! Michael Brooks
      Lakewood, NY