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  • Testimonials

    • My 10 yr old daughter went to ARTS Dec 2011 and we signed with an amazing manager that we meat there. Kim is the real deal. Just remember that this is the first step to either N’Y or LA. Be prepared to comment to a lifestyle change and a very exciting journey. Jim McLaughlin
    • Our son Nicholas will attend the Showcase in December. We have had 2 workshops so far and they have been so much fun and extremely educational on this whole process! We visited the June showcase for a night when we just happened to be in vacation in Orlando. It was amazing! The performers were on an huge stage with all of the lights and cameras! There were so many agents at the tables in front of the stage. This is the REAL DEAL here! It is well worth it! We are enjoying this journey so much! It truly is a family experience. You won’t be sorry you did! Drew Deapo
      New York
    • Kim Myers and her staff have put together a wonderful,safe,positive,fun,first class opportunity for our children to perform in front of people that are the leaders in their business such as singing,acting,modeling. It would be impossible for our children to get a chance any other way to get the exposure they get to these industry insiders without The Arts. My daughter has participated two times and is looking at her third experience this winter. Kim has always remained a friend and a resource. The industry insiders have remained friends and resources. This is for real. One of the young boys that we met when my daughter was in the program is now starring in a Disney show. My daughter has had several opportunities because of what she learned and I learned at The Arts. If your child wants to get into the entertainment business and learn how to do it. The Arts is the safe,positive,shortcut to do it. If anyone has any questions please feel free to Facebook me. John Finney
    • For the all skeptics and worriers, I am here to tell you that the ARTS is the REAL DEAL. It’s an experience you’ll wish could go on forever, and the opportunities that come of it are the kind that turn dreams into realities. The staff is as wonderful as they come, and the people you meet along the journey become your best friends and supporters. I never thought breaking into the industry could be such a positive and uplifting experience. God bless Kim Myers and God bless the ARTS! Alycia Dean
      Morgantown, WV
    • I may not be a parent but the ARTS completely changed my life! Kim and her staff are the most wonderful people and truly care about you an your family! These people soon become a family and give you (or your child) so many opportunities to do amazing things! If you aren’t sure… Please, take this amazing opportunity. I promise you won’t regret it. Between the staff and the new friends who soon become family and the experience and training the ARTS gives you… It’s the most amazing thing. It will change your life! Jordan Louks