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  • Testimonials

    • My son was in June 2009. Kim has given him her time and is still helping him move forward in his career as a dancer and actor. I recommend you do this if this is what she wants and the money is not a problem. Susie Hester
    • I am a Mom of twins who were discovered by Kim. We have gone to the showcase and been signed by several agents. The ARTS is an amazing, safe opportunity for you and your children to explore a future in acting, modeling, dance or vocal. The staff will teach them the basics needed to be successful in this industry. The showcase gives them an opportunity to show off their talents, and it gives them the self-confidence they need to be successful. Kim and her staff are amazing, they will be with you every step of the way. I support them and would recommend this to anyone pursuing a career in The ARTS! Michelle Honse
      West Virginia
    • My 10 yr old daughter went to ARTS Dec 2011 and we signed with an amazing manager that we meat there. Kim is the real deal. Just remember that this is the first step to either N’Y or LA. Be prepared to comment to a lifestyle change and a very exciting journey. Jim McLaughlin
    • Congrats, this is a very exciting time. My daughter started her journey in November of 2010, she was in the arts showcase June 2011 and signed with Factor in july 2011. Take advantage of all the scouts being brought to one area. This week that you will spend is a work week, make the most of everything being offered. Relax and completely enjoy. Wonderful people are in charge and will get you where you need to be, but she will need to show the scouts why they need her! Shannon Michelle
    • We’ve been twice and learned so much each time. Not a scam, truly an investment – not just in the entertainment industry, but in life principles too. My daughter got a lot of callbacks the first year; not so many the second, but it’s all leading somewhere…now we know what to do going forward. It’s an incredible experience, totally without regret that we took the chance we were offered. Karen Workman