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  • "to dream anything you want to dream;
    that is the beauty if the humand mind.

    to do anything you want to do;
    that is the strength of the human will.

    to trust yourself to test your limits;
    that is the courage to succeed."

  • Testimonials:

    • Our son Nicholas will attend the Showcase in December. We have had 2 workshops so far and they have been so much fun and extremely educational on this whole process! We visited the June showcase for a night when we just happened to be in vacation in Orlando. It was amazing! The performers were on an huge stage with all of the lights and cameras! There were so many agents at the tables in front of the stage. This is the REAL DEAL here! It is well worth it! We are enjoying this journey so much! It truly is a family experience. You won’t be sorry you did! Drew Deapo
      New York