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  • The ARTS believes in FAMILY DECISIONS!

    Do your homework, and collect enough information to make the most solid decision.

  • Testimonials:

    • Totally agree with Jordan! And I am a parent! Nothing but a positive experience for my son! Gave him so much self-confidence. Kim and her staff are awesome!!! They build people up! We’ve been twice, and are trying to figure out when we can go back again! Do it!!! Danielle Rawlings
      Kansas City
    • I am a contestant that performed for my first time at ARTS December 2012. It was awesome to meet such diverse and amazing people, and the wall-to-wall talent all combined in one place just blew me away. I am forever grateful that I got a chance to shine, and I’m proud that I got 4 callbacks! This has been an exciting journey and I feel so proud to have been a part of ARTS! Cher Davis
      Jacksonville, FL
    • Three of my children went this summer. It was a positive, life-changing event for them. They will learn so much about the industry in a safe environment with people who share very truthfully but also in a way that encourages the children to pursue their dreams. No promises are made, but it gives your kids a chance to shine. The best advice I can give if you go is to be prepared and take the time to go to classes if they are offered in advance, practice a lot, and fundraise. Jill Nash