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  • The ARTS believes in FAMILY DECISIONS!

    Do your homework, and collect enough information to make the most solid decision.

  • Testimonials:

    • Three of my children went this summer. It was a positive, life-changing event for them. They will learn so much about the industry in a safe environment with people who share very truthfully but also in a way that encourages the children to pursue their dreams. No promises are made, but it gives your kids a chance to shine. The best advice I can give if you go is to be prepared and take the time to go to classes if they are offered in advance, practice a lot, and fundraise. Jill Nash
    • My daughter is 8 and we attended the arts expo in Orlando in June. WHAT AN AMAZING EXPERIENCE! There is not enough I can say about Kim and her amazing team of incredible, talented staff. Pray about your decision to attend and trust that the staff will have u prepared for your trip to the expo. We will be attending another expo in the future! Amanda Strasburg
    • My daughter sent sponsor letters to friends and family and got some generous donations to help us attend in June. It was such an incredible experience and we are so happy we were there. It’s a fantastic educational event as well. We learned so much. I would highly recommend going if you can. I was very skeptical but was elated to find out that it was real, exciting and amazing!!! My daughter met people who will be mentors in her life and made lots of new friends. If you have any hesitations, I would love to talk with you, since I can definitely relate. We went with the attitude that we’ll try this and if it isn’t what we expected, we can say we had a nice vacation and not look back. However, luckily it was so much more than that! Life changing actually. Kim’s team and family are awesome and passionate. I’m so thankful we got to experience the Arts! When my daughter first started I was a single mom, it didn’t take long for us to feel like a part of a huge family. I’m married now me and my husband a trying to find a way to send my daughter again. I will never forget our experience in Orlando (: Christy Montoya