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  • The ARTS believes in FAMILY DECISIONS!

    Do your homework, and collect enough information to make the most solid decision.

  • Testimonials:

    • My daughter attended the ARTS this last June. She is 12. It held so many wonderful things for her. It was worth every dime and every mile driven from Nebraska to Florida. This has been a great blessing, she learned so much about the business and herself thru the process. The people we have met there were amazing. Great decision… give it to God and he will lead you in the direction. Kim said at the call back that she believed that she met people at points in their life when it was right and that there were reasons for it. I have not forgotten that and completely believe that she is correct. Heather Linden
    • I participated in the June ARTS 2012. This was the best experience of my life. I made great connections, gained more confidence than I walked in with and realized that I CAN live my dream! No matter the age, you are never to old to start. I finally found a career that I knew I could always love. Being a triple threat performer is a title I am more than proud to carry thanks to the ARTS family for showing me that my talent is worth showing! Kim Myers is the best motivational speaker, her words brought tears to my eyes. To me it was truly a message from God that now is my time. My life will never be the same. I met the mother of two of my favorite role models, Mrs. Barbara Cameron. Since the ARTS I worked on “Scary Movie 5″, Iron Man 3″ and local commercials. Also still communicate with lots of the talents agents and casting directors who I call friends! Thank you ARTS family for such an AMAZING experience, cant wait for next time. Virginia Folke
      Jacksonville, FL
    • Totally agree with Jordan! And I am a parent! Nothing but a positive experience for my son! Gave him so much self-confidence. Kim and her staff are awesome!!! They build people up! We’ve been twice, and are trying to figure out when we can go back again! Do it!!! Danielle Rawlings
      Kansas City