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  • The ARTS believes in FAMILY DECISIONS!

    Do your homework, and collect enough information to make the most solid decision.

  • Testimonials:

    • We’ve been twice and learned so much each time. Not a scam, truly an investment – not just in the entertainment industry, but in life principles too. My daughter got a lot of callbacks the first year; not so many the second, but it’s all leading somewhere…now we know what to do going forward. It’s an incredible experience, totally without regret that we took the chance we were offered. Karen Workman
    • I may not be a parent but the ARTS completely changed my life! Kim and her staff are the most wonderful people and truly care about you an your family! These people soon become a family and give you (or your child) so many opportunities to do amazing things! If you aren’t sure… Please, take this amazing opportunity. I promise you won’t regret it. Between the staff and the new friends who soon become family and the experience and training the ARTS gives you… It’s the most amazing thing. It will change your life! Jordan Louks
    • Agreed, agreed, agreed!!! This is totally an investment. We’ve been twice and it was so worth it. Karen Workman