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  • The ARTS believes in FAMILY DECISIONS!

    Do your homework, and collect enough information to make the most solid decision.

  • Testimonials:

    • My 8 year old daughter went to the open audition .. and got the call back .. I did what you are doing I reached out to find out info … This is for real! Kim is incredible! We went to Florida last December and my daughter hasn’t been the same .. She has no fear and still talks about doing it again . I have nothing but positive things to say about it . …side note .. we also shortly after getting to town went and did a similar thing with another open call with a different company and I am sure glad I did the ARTS first or I would be totally turned off by the whole thing … So for rambling … But the ARTS is totally worth it !!! Good luck and dream BIG! Christine Madigan
    • I agree with everything that has been said here. Life changing lead by God.. He has lead us down one amazing path to Kim Meyers who has introduced our daughter to some amazing people. We attend Dec 2011 our daughter did well now had a manager, agent, and a acting coach she spent the month of June and heading back out in the morning for a month. Meeting Kim has changed our lives go with it follow your gut instincts. McLaughlin Family
    • My journey with the ARTS is like flying first class. Kim and all of the ARTS employees have really enriched my life. Cole Watson
      Cleveland Heights, OH